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    Jo Ellen Stevens ~ A Night Vision Of This New Year 2015 ~

      ~ A Night Vision Of This New Year 2015 ~   ~WALK IN THE LIGHT AND YOU WILL BE CHANGED~ I just woke up a from an encounter in the Lord and I saw Him taking a person and as His light hit...

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    Light Carriers!

    Australia and New Zealand- Light Carriers! The past three months the Father has been speaking to me regarding mantles from 100 years ago and he has a very clear and intentional purpose for the nations...

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    Spiritual Growth

    Connie Hunter-Urban: Acceptance

      Luke 4:24 says, “No prophet is accepted in his own country.” My commentary in my New Spirit Filled Bible says, “Those most familiar with great people sometimes are the least appreciative of their greatness.”...

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    Prophetic Insight

    Ears to Hear/Hearts to Obey

    Now is the time to stop shallow breathing and take a deep breathe of Me.  New and fresh life for the new and different leg of the journey that is ahead.  Your complete trust will...

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    Jo Ellen Stevens ~ A Testimony I Received About A Three Year Old Who Went To Heaven~

      A Testimony I Received About A Three Year Old That Went To Heaven I received this testimony in my in-box the other day from a lady that had me pray for Patty  .. Oh...

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    Spiritual Growth

    The Oath

    For when God made a promise to Abraham, since he had no one greater by whom to swear, he swore by himself, Saying, “Surely I will bless you and multiply you.” And thus Abraham having...

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    “Atmosphere Changers…Here’s a little assignment. Next time you are in a place where the atmosphere is negative, hostile, or tense…Allow the Holy Spirit to work through you to change it. Now you are going to...

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    Prophetic Insight

    Are You Ready?

    Artwork by www.crystalclearcreations.com.au Coming, ready or not! We’re all in this game called life. Are you hiding or are you seeking? Are you ready? He’s coming in the clouds. The One who rules and reigns...

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    Prophetic Insight

    Punching Balls & Steam Rollers

    Grasp-able Love What in the world could be the topic of an article with such a weird title?  Would you believe “The Love of God”?  I know — that was my question and reaction when...

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    Prophetic Insight

    Connie Hunter-Urban: Prepared

    Last week I had three dreams with the same message—you’re unprepared. As I sought His will about what I needed to change, I realized that’s been a message the Lord has given me often in...

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    BLESSED ARE THE PEACE MAKERS: Power Strategies For Victorious Kingdom Living

        Anyone can teach  you how to fight….Toddlers will swing and hit at each other before they even learn how to talk. I remember when we were on the school grounds as children, and...

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    Prophetic Insight

    “Breath of God,Awaken!”

    “Breath of God, Awaken!”       Ezekiel was in the middle of chaos as Israel had turned their back on God in rebellion and the situation seemed lost in his eyes.  So God set...

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    Spiritual Growth

    How to Pass The Test

    I heard the Lord say that many are being tested. Many haven’t received their breakthrough. The Lord has a divine interruption on your life, your business and your ministry. Your faith is being tested. You...

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    Prophetic Insight

    The Greatest Day Of My Life

        November 24, 1974 – November 17, 2000 “In Memory of Crystal Yvette Maxey”     “In times of grief, mourning and loss, the God of All Comfort will heal your broken heart, strengthen...

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    Spiritual Growth

    Stop Being Offended


  • keys

    Prophetic Insight

    Keys to Receiving Your Miracle

      I believe many in the Body of Christ are crying out to God for His miraculous intervention in their lives. I had a divine encounter with the Lord and in that encounter He showed me...

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    Signs and Wonders

    Keep Climbing!

    “I see you climbing a high tower with open sides, and the higher you climb, the greater your vision.”  The Lord spoke that to me through a brother in the Lord recently. Climbing a tower can...

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    Prophetic Insight

    Revived And A Revival!

    Some weeks ago, I was mopping my floors and the front door was open. A BIG gust of wind swirled around my door. This mini tornadeo blew straight into the house at a hurtling rate...