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  • 20141005_152710

    Prophetic Insight

    Julie Price: The Weight Within The Wait

    ~There’s a weight to be found within your waiting.  It’s the weight of His glory.~ As believers we no longer have to carry the weight of our burdens, and we don’t have to carry the...

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    Prophetic Insight

    Wealth Transfer

      In the early hours of 26th September I had this dream. It was the morning after Rosh Hashana. I am an Australian and the context of this word is for the Australian Government, yet...

  • se20

    Prophetic Insight

    No More Life as Usual!

    A dividing line is quickly being formed between two groups of believers. Whether you enter into all that the Lord has for you will depend on which side of it you are on. I had...

  • courts 8

    Prophetic Insight

    Known by the Courts of Heaven

      The Lord says: You shall not, will not and cannot be forgotten by the courts of Heaven. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you....

  • Listening

    Signs and Wonders

    Listening Without An Agenda… and Healing Secrets from Heaven!

    There are times when God wants to speak and share revelation with us as his children, yet we drown out his voice with our own predetermined agenda and “conversation” with our heavenly Father. It is...

  • red-wine

    Spiritual Growth

    Drinking the heavenly wine!

    The more I minister in different states in the U.S., the more I see the joy of the Lord begin to break out in meetings. Holy laughter will fill the room as people laugh uncontrollably...

  • money

    Breaking News


    I heard the Lord say that the work that you are doing is not in vain! Many are struggling with their finances. Many need a breakthrough! Today I am giving you 3 keys to walk in...

  • stone altar

    Prophetic Insight

    Build Elijah’s Altar

    I hear the Lord say, it is time  to build Elijah’s altar. What do you mean, you may ask? In your heart, there can be no sacrifice made to other idols. We do not worship...

  • belly


    Julie Price: THE PUSH! ~ A Word Of Encouragement

    I had a vision of a woman in intense pain. She was in labor and had been for some time. She had grown very weary from the pushing and was in that moment where she...

  • To-the-our-Star

    Signs and Wonders

    How to See Atmospheric Miracles

    Not too long ago, I was ministering in Fargo, ND at a gathering. As we were worshipping, I began to feel drops of rain falling in me, so I began to preach about the former and...

  • 12

    Spiritual Growth

    John Dean: African Worship

    (1 Chronicles 16:7-12 ASV) Then on that day did David first ordain to give thanks unto Jehovah, by the hand of Asaph and his brethren. O give thanks unto Jehovah, call upon his name; Make...

  • kim

    Prophetic Insight

    Kim Clement: Prophetic Alert: I Saw Eleven Terror Groups That Were Going To Emerge Out Of This Present Group

    September 24, 2014 – Prophetic Alert There is a seal on Your people, on Your elect that they cannot be touched; they cannot be taken. Right now you’re hearing a word coming, that’s how close...

  • inthestorm1web2


    Walking On The Water

    I just wanted to take a second and tell you that Jesus is there with you! He’s right there where you are and He’s walking on the water. He is calling you to respond in...

  • archesSky

    Signs and Wonders

    Just One Touch!

    No matter what you are going through, Jesus is the answer to that problem! He loves you intensely and He knows! “I need help, Sherry.” This is what I read as I opened a message...

  • treasures

    Prophetic Insight

    Bring Forth the Wind Out of My Treasures

    This is the HOUR I have chosen.“ Never has there been a time that I have failed you nor withheld any good thing from you”. You are My “precious lambs of light”. Your prayers have entered...

  • handcomputer


    Be Healed In Jesus’ Name! Online Healing

    We are seeing people healed through ONLINE prayers and by listening to the recorded conference call from www.StraightTalkWithWayne.com – and we want to see you healed as well! What do you need prayer for in your...

  • prosperity2

    Prophetic Insight

    Prophetic Money And You?

    Money.  That’ll always stir up a good ol’ religious discussion and debate! Yet, this article is more than about money, it is about prophetic money. Allow me to explain the difference… The book of revelation...

  • feetwater

    Prophetic Insight

    Julie Price: A Prophetic Dream: We Must Go ~ So They Will Know!

      I had a dream about being in a town with numerous other Christians. We made it to a bridge that leads from one town to another. As we crossed the bridge I noticed the...