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  • doug

    Prophetic Insight

    Doug Addison: Restoration of Lost Inheritances

    Go with the flow August is the start of something new, as the eighth month represents new beginnings this year. This is the start of the full turnaround from past years. We will begin to...

  • horse21

    Prophetic Insight

    “David’s” Mighty Men are Arising!

      “Lord, what are You doing in Your church?” I had been feeling a great sense of concern over some statistics that I had read from Barna and had been asking Him some questions. Listen...

  • file7751235863518

    Spiritual Growth

    Connie Hunter-Urban – THIS SEASON

    I shared this on Facebook and feel like sharing this with someone here on Spirit Fuel, too. A couple mornings ago, as I listened to buses on the streets, I was thinking about how this...

  • image

    Spiritual Growth

    “You never know, you never know, you NEVER know, what I AM doing!”

    The automated phone messages began to take its toll on my emotional stability. The calls started coming every day for a week, stating the worst. The situation? We were being told that we owed more...

  • still water

    Prophetic Insight

    Julie Price: In The Stillness ~ Passing The Rest Test!

      I have found myself in a deeper stillness with God for a length of days now.  As the days go on, the stillness remains.  It’s not about the words being exchanged with Him.  It’s...

  • fog3

    Prophetic Insight

    There is a Spiritual Fog Over This Land

    There was a nerve gas released in the High Places of government and everyone was being affected except those who could escape and get outside to clean air… This is a portion of a dream...

  • 10511224_806766202691327_4625947137488494878_n

    Prophetic Insight

    Jo Ellen Stevens ~The Blood Of The Martyrs Will Cause A Great Harvest And Awakening!~

    The above is the Arabic letter “N”. This is what ISIS is placing on the doors of the Christians to mark them as “They that follow the Nazarene.”  I pray that we will have enough evidence...

  • Spiritual Growth


    Loving Jesus will make us perfectly happy. Being faithful to Jesus will give us perfect joy and peace. Jesus waits for us to invite Him into our hearts. Our love means so much to Him....

  • Right People Right Place

    Spiritual Growth

    The Right People & The Right Place

    I believe many in the body of Christ desire to be used by God. Many want to make a difference. The majority of people want to change the world for the greater good. As I was...

  • God's Plan for Unity - smaller for SF

    Prophetic Insight


    GOD’S PLAN FOR UNITY “NEHEMIAH’S WALL & JACOB’S LADDER, THE PORTALS OF HEAVEN ARE NOW OPEN” By: Sue Ann Jackson & Wendy M Christie Please read this word all the way to the end –...

  • Painted_Background_263

    Spiritual Growth

    Who do you fit in with?

    The Lord says, “Why do you try to fit in? Why are you trying to blend in with the world? You are IN the world but not OF the world. I have created you to...

  • robert

    Spiritual Growth

    Robert Hotchkin: God’s Secret Weapon

    We are in the midst of a massive transition in the spirit. God is bringing us into everything He has been speaking to the Body about for the past several years. We are entering an...

  • image

    Prophetic Insight

    Chariots of Fire in America

    It is said that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than ours, and this is where I want to start by giving this prophetic word to the body of Christ...

  • mobilefeatured

    Breaking News

    Spirit Fuel NEEDS YOUR HELP

    Spirit Fuel Followers WE NEED YOUR HELP In our efforts to make spirit fuel available everywhere, we realize its time to release a mobile application. We have most of the development complete and need some...

  • angela

    Prophetic Insight

    Angela Greenig: CODE RED

    In these uncertain times that we are being challenged with, one thing is for sure: There is a Code Red in the Spirit and in the natural; an external disaster and incoming casualties with life-threatening...

  • Anointing

    Breaking News

    Special Anointing for this Season!!

      You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you! -Acts 1:8 I heard the Lord saying that there is a special anointing being released in this hour upon those who will carry out...

  • wind-blowing-295472

    Breaking News


    I loose the winds of change as a window of heaven in the earth today! By the Spirit of God(alone) I call forth radical shifting for increased levels of of peace, prosperity, solutions, restitution, restoration...

  • SITR2014

    Prophetic Insight

    It’s a New Day!

    I felt this word was for an individual as well as a general word of encouragement to share. I heard the words ‘bank teller’ as I was praying today. I believe there is a single...